Belief becomes Biology

Belief becomes Biology
Health is not a mystery of chance, it is a mastery of choice

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A workshop for boosting energy
and achieving good health

Come learn about the wonderful healing world of energy medicine: if you wish to raise energy-levels look, your best and improve your performance. Think about health in a new way. Go from knowing what is healthy and makes you look good to doing it. Learn simple techniques for recovering energy thus boosting the immune system and enhancing the body's ability to repair itself. This retards the aging process, so you feel good, act good and look good.

Modern research proves physical health underpins intelligence itself, raising IQ and promoting creativity, concentration and co-operation. The intimate connection between recovering energy and achieving our goals has been established. To achieve our goals in life we need to learn how to use the body the way evolution has designed it to be used. Sound biology is the basis of real happiness and beauty.

Science now tells us that if we stop making toxic choices the immune system will not succumb to acute or to chronic disease. It seems health and the good life is a mastery of choice. The old way was disease as a mystery of chance. We were the innocent victims ambushed by disease.

The modern more empirical and so more effective, way sees health as a mastery of choice. Our "old lamps" were disease-promoting habits of thought and habits of living that zapped our energy. Come learn to swap these for energy-raising and health-creating habits. Enhance your quality of life through ridding yourself of habits that no longer serve you. Discover the way to maintain high-level energy despite the day-to-day stresses of modern living.

Working with us you will learn to

*Enhance your energy
*Improve your performance
*Boost your immune response

13th September, 7.30 pm
Speaker at London Group
and Medical Network
38 Denning Road, NW3 1SU

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Leading-edge health perspectives
Leading-edge research proves that the cause of acute illness is an immune system that is overwhelmed and the cause of chronic illness is an immune system that is overtaxed.

This makes obsolete the conventional belief that health is a mystery of chance and we the innocent victims who are ambushed by terrorist diseases. Germ theory held that germs were the cause of acute disease. We now know that the germs can be present without having the disease. The cause of disease is that the immune system gets overwhelmed. Similarly with chronic disease: healthy diet, an exercise programme and a reduction in ‘risk factors’ had been seen as our best protection against chronic disease. Modern research reveals that diseases as diverse as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis have but one, single, solitary cause: immune system malfunction. When the immune system is overtaxed, it can throw a tantrum. The outcome can be any of the diseases listed above – and possibly all chronic disease.

This portends a revolution in health care. The primary focus on pharmaceutical and surgical interventions gives way to a quest for boosting the immune-system. That requires reappraising our habits of thought and habits of living.

Habits of Thought:
Stress is the damage the body suffers when we fear we will not be able to cope. Stress is not in the event but in our interpretation of the impact of the event on our life-objectives. Authentic stress-management requires we re-structure our habits of thought

Habits of Living:
Energy comes into the body through authentic pleasure via the senses. A more scientific approach to healthcare requires us to distinguish between authentic pleasure and synthetic pleasure (chemical manipulation of the brain to release pleasure chemicals) and learn to re-structure our habits of living.

Leading edge research shows these two are the foundation of health and well-being. If we can learn to stop making toxic choices in our thinking and living, the immune system will neither get overwhelmed nor get overtaxed.

This is health management. Health and the good life, it seems, is a mastery of choice.

The vision is to teach these choices.

The training is to achieve mastery of these choices; how to implement the changes of habits these choices gives rise to, choices that result in high-level energy, health and optimal performance.

The mission is to teach how to enhance quality of life and get rid of habits that no longer serve.
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